Making of HIDA Leather

飛騨牛の原皮 Hida beef's skin

丁寧に飼育されていることを示す毛並みの美しい飛騨牛の原皮。最高の食肉を取るために丁寧に解体されるため、皮の状態も良い。週に120頭、年間およそ5000頭が肉にされ、副産物して皮が出ています。また、 解体後1時間以内に原皮が冷蔵されるシステム下にあるため、原皮の品質は他に類のないものとなっています。飛騨高山では食肉だけではなく、皮の活用にも積極的に取り組んでいます。
HIDA beef's hide which is beautiful and covered with hair carefully bred. Because it is carefully dismantled for Hida beef, the condition of the hide is also good. 120 per week, 5000 per year is made Hida beef's meat, hide can be obtained as a by-product. Because it is under the sysytem which is refrigerateed within 1 hour after dismantling these hides quality is unparalleled.  At Hida Takayama we use actively not only meat but also hides. 


洗浄 wash

Each hide is put in a large drum, washed with a large amount of water to remove dirt. The weight of one piece is about 35kg. Because it is large and soft, it is more efficient to do the work by two people. It is said that 1t of water is needed to a piece of leather. It will be impossible without aboudant groundwater. HIDA Leather tanning is done at the world quality tanner in Hanada Takagi Himeji Hyogo pref. Japan where have a history of tanning.

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