HIDA  Gibier Leather


Some gibier (Deer and wild boar) are known to have conflict with people for damaging agricultural crops. Such problem is common in Hida and some of the trapped animals have been used for meat consumption. However, the hide from those animals has not been harvested until recently. By collaborating with local hunters, we started to develop ways to turn gibier hide into furniture leather. Applied with vegetable-based tannin and white tannin, gibier leather has unique properties, different from those of cow leather, but with outstanding natural and wild finish.

HIDA Gibier Leather


Deer hide is relatively easy to peel off, much like cow hide. However, in dealing with wild boar, we were faced with many challenges because of its thick armor like hide.  Eventually we successfully established a process to extract hide from wild boar thanks to the master craftsmanship of Takagi. 

ジビエの原皮 鹿とイノシシ
Boar stool | HLF
Boar stool | HLF