時を重ね 深みを増す

Solid oil finish, full vegetable tanning leather . Both are beautifully changing materials with time. Both wood and leather are alive and maintenance is indispensable for long use. By applying maintenance with affection, they will wear a beauty aging that increased further. For long and beautiful use, we recommend periodic maintenance. Regarding the maintenance method, we tell you directly at the time of delivering furniture or after one month.



メンテナンスには専門の知識が必要です。革に関しては、世界規模でレザーメンテナンスケアを専門に行っているユニタスファーイースト(株)と業務提携をすることで、お客様の家具を長く安心してお使いいただける体制を整えております。ユニタスファーイースト(株)に製作依頼したHIDA Leather専用のメンテナンスキットを使いご自身でもメンテナンスが可能です。また、ソファーなど大きな家具でご自身でのメンテナンスに不安を抱かれるお客様やお時間がとれないお客様のために、HLFスタッフ、もしくはユニタスファーイースト(株)スタッフによる出張メンテナンスサービス(Leather Spa)もご用意致しております。プロがお客様のご自宅にお伺いしメンテナンスを行います。こちらに関しましては、他社製品においても可能ですのでお問い合わせください。HLFは自社のものに限らず、家具を長く使うためのサポートを致します。
 Maintenance requires expert knowledge. Regarding leather, we have established a system for long-term and reliable use of customers' furniture by doing business alliance with UNITERS Far East which specializes in leather maintenance care on a global scale. Maintenance can be done by yourself using the maintenance kit dedicated to HIDA Leather, which we requested to make to UNITERS Far East. For customers who are concerned about maintenance by themselves with large furniture such as sofa, we also have professional home visiting maintenance service . Experts will visit your home and do maintenance. Regarding here, please contact us for products of other companies as well. HLF is not limited to its own furniture we will support you to use furniture for a long time.