February 2018

Can we continue using lumbers at the current pace?The growth of wood is slow. It is the fact that everyone knows, so there are not many people who cherish wood product. As I started to buy lumbers on my own, I noticed that very good materials did not come out even in this area surrounded by mountains. So recently, the furniture to be produced reduces the ratio of wood as much as possible. Therefore, I can not understand that manufacturers make hundreds of chiars a day. It means that there are chairs that are discarded somewhere because the number of people who use it does not increase rapidly. As I did before, many manufacturers and craftsmans buys lumbers.Therefore, I think that its value is understood as a price for money and they do not realize that growth cycle. There are also reasons why I started trying leather. Cow grows fast, it becomes meat in about three years after birth. In that case, leather is always served as a byproduct. Considering this cycle, it is natural to think that you want to make more use of leather. This year, we will proceed with the development of original products of HIDA Leather with leather and hardwood which are not considered as furniture materials. It aims to make furniture that considers more natural cycle. For the newly we try to develop gibier's leather, I will provide it to furniture craftsman who hold the same thoughts. There are still a lot of things I have to do.

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