Cure furnishing™


Perfect  Traceability Furniture

Our furniture continues to thrive, fostering the universal design and our very original craftsmanship. 

Our furniture has deep roots in its origin, Hida Takayama Japan. Our products are made with materials felled in our region and are certified for the components perfect traceability. Hida cows (beef) , wild deer and wild boar that have thrived in our region’s wood forests as sustainable livelihood and resource for the Hida Takayama people over generations. It requires minimum 50 years for trees to mature so the wood is suitable for furniture making. Leather is a by-product from Hida beef processing which runs on a 3-year cycle. Our furniture making so heavily dependent on these life cycles of the key ingredients that we are constantly reminded of our close relationship with the nature. We wish to stay humble, tied closely to the nature of Hida Takayama, without imposing negative impact on it. 

We believe perfect traceability is how it all began. 
HIDA Leather® is registered trademarks (6001390) of HLF.




HLF concept medical furnishing

Cure furnishing™ / Medical wood™ / Live wood™

We have recognized furniture as the indoor enviroment adjustment device. The wood and leather in furniture stay “alive” while breathing continuously. It plays a role as a natural conditioner, adjusting humidity, eliminating odor, releasing a few extractives that human can not perceive, but are very veneficial for us.  We put every effort to minimize use of chemicals in our products. We try to make furniture and to use with "Live wood™" or "Medical wood™" has only air seasoning for over 10 yrs. without kiln dried.  That is " Cure furnishing™" to heal tired contemporary people. For customers with allergies, we can offer solid unpainted furniture made from perfect traceability materials that we operate from logs and hides.


人を癒やす  家具は室内環境調整装置 / 木材放散成分を利用

HLF concept medical furnishing
HLF concept medical furnishing
HLF concept medical furnishing
HLF concept our design

Our design

We do not design only to draw attention that aim for design that is unnoticeable, that feels as if it has been there. The most important thing is how long the furniture will be used. We do not change models easily.

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