Perfect Traceability Furniture 


We hope that our furniture will inherit the universal style  and create new value. We reconsidered materials.  And ,  We make perfect traceability furniture with our local materials in HIda Takayama Gifu Japan. We felt doubts about many furnitures that were made with oversea's materials whose source is unknown. So we make simple and elegant furniture with traceability  local materials (HIDA oak , Hida beef's leather , Hida gibier's leather) that we selected in our local area. The afinity is high and familiarity is good even between different materials , because it is materials of the same area. Making our furniture begins with tanning HIDA Leather. Therefore , it is also possible such as ordering the color and texture of the leather. Our furniture that takes care of the original texture is conscious of being used in a rich space such as a villa (vacation home). We have simple design that can endure the test of time for the space. You can enjoy the real aging of the materials. Solid wood and leather with natural finish are breathing even if it becomes furniture. It plays a role as a natural indoor environment adjustment device that adjusts indoor humidity moderately and absorbs odor. We will not use chemical materials as much as possible.  Maintenance is necessary for  long use. We have professional maintenance service. HIDA TAKAYAMA's hardwood is a sustainable resource , HIDA beef and Gibier along with human activities will exist 100 years later. We think that HLF will continue to exist as  a small furniture maker  , without imposing environmental  load on the nature.
Our furniture have a traceability certificate.
HIDA Leather is registered trademarks (6001390) of HLF.
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HIDA Leatherは飛騨牛の皮を使用した家具用革として、商標登録(第6001390)しています   
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